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Many cheers can be found online. You can either change them up to suit you or you can use the beat to come up with your own. you can also order uniforms online. If you do not have time to wait on the shipment to arrive you may contact your local print shop to see if they can do it. Also at your local fabric store they have the supplies, and patterns to make the uniforms. As a former cheerleader I can offer you this piece of advice... know your vowels. If you resite your vowels and hold your hand at your diapharm ,if the top of your stomach moves you are using what we called a cheer voice. It helps carry your voice further. Also, dance routines can be easy if you just take a couple moves from each cheerleader, and add them together. Cheer music can be found at your local music shop.

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Q: How do you become a cheerleader in twenty days i need help to make cheers and i need uniforms how to get uniforms?
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