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Well theres lots of things, work on your weekneses. If your a great runner and can run all day, but dont know were to run, your practically useless.


Like many things: Work, work! ... and just plain, WORK!!!

They say "Genius is only 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration"

You can only become a champion in anything if you will sacrifice your whole Body to accomplish it.

But many footballers have paid the price later.

Glory does not usually come without price.

The name of the game is 'sacrifice' ... your game improves as you build love for it. That Builds as you make sacrifices for it in life - but your life needs balance ... you may well be sacrificing your most precious possessions [family and friends] for later emptiness by putting sport first. So things need Context.

If you start young, these things can usually grow WITH you.

To become top, you need to set 100% Committed Goals- ambition - a Vision that is clear and Set.

Then everything must lead to it.

Take care, though, not to lose your soul.

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you need to know how to kick, tackle, mark, handball, shepherd, and lots of other things

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Q: How do you become a better AFL footballer?
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