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In the regular season, teams will participate in the typical five-minute overtime and then a shootout.

In the playoffs, however, the teams will keep playing twenty minute overtime periods until someone scores.

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When the game is tied at the end of regulation, different leagues use different methods. In the NHL, there is a five minute, sudden death, four on four overtime. If it is still tied after the overtime period, a shootout determines the outcome. Shootouts mean each team alternates having a shooter go in alone on the opposing goalie to try and score.

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They play a second overtime, with the same rules applying. There is no kickoff in the second, fourth, or any other even-numbered overtime; the team with the ball keeps it as in the second and fourth quarters.

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No. In regular season games it will go into a 5 minute overtime period and the fist one to score wins. If it is still a tie after overtime a shoot out occurs.

In the playoffs there is a 20 min overtime period and the first to score wins, if no one scores another overtime period is played.

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Q: How do nhl playoffs end if tied at end of regulation?
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