How do bears get air?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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I suppose you mean 'while they are hibernating', as they normally breathe through their mouth and nose. In fact they are renowned for their sense of smell. Some of the Native American tribes have developed these words of wisdom: If a tree falls in the forest, the hawk will see it, and the deer will hear it, but the bear- the bear will smell it...

Hibernation dens are not totally sealed off - many's the explorer caught in bad weather who found a great place to hide from the weather, only to find it occupied by a slumbering bear. Some bears do not go into total sleep, they get reallly lethargic (slow) during the times of colder weather.

So the answer is... through their nose and mouth.

From the lighter side: Unless you mean the Baylor Lady Bears Basketball team. They get air by practicing those tedious jump-squats on a regular basis.

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Q: How do bears get air?
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How does black bears get air?

on land

Are koalas similar to bears by?

Koalas, which are not bears, are only similar to bears in that they are both warm-blooded, air-breathing mammals, with fur.

Are koalas similar to bears?

Koalas, which are not bears, are only similar to bears in that they are both warm-blooded, air-breathing mammals, with fur.

Why does polar bears need air?

For the exact same reason we humans need air: to live.

How does air pollution harm polar bears?

It turns the air warmer, which melts the ice caps in the Arctic. This makes it harder for polar bears to find solid ice to hunt and live on.

Do polar bears need air?

A polar bear is a mammal and all mammals need air to breath.

Why are bears suited to live in mountain regions?

bears are situated to live in mountain regions because they have thick fur on their body which does not allows cool air to enter in. The warm air of the body also doesn't goes out. so bears feel warmer in cool regions.

Will polar bears live?

Probably no. Polar bears live on the North Pole not the South. Most polar bears live in Alaska, Canada, and the North Pole. The North Pole is ice. Under it is water. When polar bears hunt they wait at a air hole for a seal. Now that the the Earth is warming seals don't have to make an air hole because in some places there is no ice. So there are less air holes and seals just get air anywhere without ice above them making it much harder for the ice bears to catch seals.

What do polar bears breath?

AnswerThey breathe oxygen, like we do.

What sort of air do bears breathe?

oxygen like us humans

Do polar bears live in the arctic ocean?

Polar Bears don't live in the Artic because they need land to survive. They swim in the Artic ocean but they don't live in it. Anyways Polar Bears can't live without oxygen from the air.

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