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Q: How did people receive news in the olden days?
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In the olden days what did they use to get information from?

they got information from the radio (like the news).

How do the people of Trinidad receive news?

"The people of Trinidad receive their news like many other countries. They have news papers, and tv channels where the news is broadcasted, and word of mouth."

Different kinds of news?

People receive news from all sorts of places. They get it from websites, the radio, newspapers, word of mouth, and television typically.

What news did harry receive the morning after he arrived at the Burrow?

What news did harry receive the morning after he arrived at the Burrow from the book?

How many people receive the News and Observer?

The News and Observer has a weekday circulation of 123,258, and a Sunday circulation of 179,214. The paper's history dates back to 1865.

How do you receive news letters?

Where can one find CBS News recaps?

You can find CBS news recaps from the official CBC news website. The website is updated daily and has several recaps of news from previous days, as well as the current days news.

What news did the heads of the blocks receive two days after Elie surgery and why?

The heads of the blocks received news that the Russian army was approaching the camp, causing panic among the prisoners. This news led to a decision to evacuate the camp and march the prisoners to another location, despite Elie being weak from his surgery and unable to walk.

What do you call the people that talk on the news?

People who talk on the news are news reporters

Did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire receive little news coverage?

No, that fire got a lot of news coverage.

Where does most information that people receive comes from?

Most information that people receive comes from various sources such as television, social media, websites, newspapers, books, and conversations with friends and family. In today's digital age, social media platforms play a significant role in shaping the information people receive.

What influenced the way Americans got news the war in 1914?

British news was read more often than German news in the United States. It was easier to receive British news.