How did Tim outsmart the cowboys?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: How did Tim outsmart the cowboys?
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What is Tim Benford's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Tim Benford is number 16 on the Dallas Cowboys.

What does Tim do when the cow-boy stop him?

In my brother Sam is dead what does Tim do when the Cowboys stop him

What NFL team does Tim Benford play for?

Tim Benford plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

What position does Tim Benford play?

Tim Benford plays Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

What part of speech is outsmart?

Outsmart is a verb.

How did Tim fool the cowboys in My Brother Sam is Dead?

Tim placed red herring herrings in the water and then dressed as a British soldier to draw the cowboys away from the tavern. This diversion allowed Sam and his friends to escape without being caught.

What does Tim do when the cowboys stop him in My Brother Sam is Dead?

He stays calm and gives them what they want.

How does Tim decide what he will do if the cowboys return for him and the supplies?

Tim must carefully weigh his options and consider the safety of himself and the supplies. He may choose to either confront the cowboys if he feels confident in doing so, or hide and wait for them to leave before continuing his journey. Ultimately, Tim's decision will depend on his assessment of the situation's risks and his ability to protect himself and the supplies.

When was Outsmart Your Genes created?

Outsmart Your Genes was created in 2011.

When was Outsmart The MBA Clones created?

Outsmart The MBA Clones was created in 2008.

What is the ISBN of Outsmart The MBA Clones?

The ISBN of Outsmart The MBA Clones is 978-0978660284.

In My brother sam is dead the why did the cowboys harass Tim and his father?

When Tim and Father go to Verplank's Point to sell cattle, they are stopped by cowboys. The cowboys say that they don't want the cattle to be sold to the british, since the rebels are short of every supply they need, but really just want to take the cattle and sell it themselves for money and other stuff. They really didn't care who got the cattle.