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By winning games

if you win 1 games it's 3pts

if you draw 1 game it's 1 pts

if you loss 1 game it's 0 pts

and at the end of the season Newcastle had 101 pts

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They spent nearly 500 mil in the past 4 years on players so they got the best squad in the prem and won the prem cuz of that

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Q: How did Newcastle United win the Championship?
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Are Newcastle going to win the Championship in 2010?

They Will

Which team won the Championship last season to get into the Premier League?

Newcastle United

When did Newcastle united fc win a non major trophy?

1955, they won the FA Cup over Manchester City. They also won the Championship (division 1) in 2009/2010 but most Newcastle fans don't count that as we shouldn't have been relegated so ;-)

Who went into the championship in the 2009 2010 season?

In the 2009/2010 season Leicester City, Peterborough United and Scunthorpe United were promoted to the Championship from the League One. West Bromwich Albion, Middlesbrough and Newcastle United were relegated from the Premier League to the Championship.

Which Championship team knocked Newcastle United out of the FA Cup at the fourth round stage?

man city

In which month did Newcastle beat Manchester United then united went on to win the league in 1995?

Manchester United did not win the league in 1995 - Blackburn Rovers beat them to that.

Who did Leeds United beat to win their first League Cup in 1968?


Will Newcastle win the championship?

They are definitely one of the favourites to win it. However, they will probably need to get rid of a few players as they won't be able to keep them and the Championship is a very competitive league. They would however probably settle for promotion.

Where will Newcastle United be in 2010?

Newcastle United are currently in the relegation zone of the Premier League, if they go down they will play in the Coca Cola Championship in the 2009/2010 season. But they are such a big club you would easily expect them to come straight back up.

How many championship belts did Kofi Kingston win?

He has won the Interconiental Championship, World Tag Team Championship with CM Punk and United States Championship

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Sunderland?

Newcastle United

What date did Bradford win f a cup?

1911 they won 1-0 v Newcastle united. get in city