How did Donald bradman become famous?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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He became famous when he hit his first century aged12 at school

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Q: How did Donald bradman become famous?
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Was Donald bradman famous?


What was Sir Donald Bradman famous for?

Donald Bradman was a famous Australian cricketer, who narrowly missed scoring an average of 100, by four runs. Being the best batsman in the world.

Was anyone in Sir Donald Bradman's family famous?

Yes, he was

Famous sports person who died in 1919?

donald bradman

What date did Donald bradman become sir?

1st Jan 1949

What did Donald bradman do?

Donald George Bradman played Cricket for his Career.

How did sir Donald bradman die?

Sir Donald Bradman died of pneumonia

Why did Sir Donald Bradman become an Australian of the year?

Cause his mum voted for him.

What is Australia's most famous sporting personality?

Subjective question, but probably Sir Donald Bradman

Who was the most famous Australian cricketer?

The most revered was without doubt Sir Donald Bradman.

What is Sir Donald Bradman's birthday?

Sir Donald Bradman was born on August 27, 1908.

When was Donald Bradman's birthday?

Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman was born August 27, 1908.