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depending on the hoop it varies but i have a 60 in hoop and i had to put it 4 feet deep by 16in

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at least 12 to 15 inches

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Q: How deep should a basketball goal be buried underground?
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Why are earth's metals deep underground?

Because Asteroids Hit earth and the minerals go into the ground or get buried deep into the sea . The minerals the grow underwater and deep underground .

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Deep lead mining is a form of underground mining. Deep leads are old riverbeds that have become buried.

Pvc pipes underground how deep?

PVC piping can be buried as deep as 30 feet. It all depends on what you are doing.

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Wires for an outdoor fountain should be buried at least 18 inches underground to protect them from accidental damage and to meet electrical safety codes. It's recommended to use conduit pipe or wiring rated for underground use to provide further protection from moisture and potential hazards.

Rocks buried deep underground must do what before they are weathered or eroded?

Rocks buried deep underground must be uplifted to the surface before they can be weathered or eroded. This uplift can happen through tectonic movements, erosion of overlying rocks, or other geological processes that bring the rocks closer to the Earth's surface. Once at the surface, rocks are exposed to weathering processes such as wind, water, and ice that break them down over time.

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Surface mining can be used when the coal is buried less than 200 feet underground. ... is buried deep within the earth. Some underground ... mine shafts to run machines that dig out the coal. ... In one place, coal is crushed, mixed with water, ... industries use coal, too. Paper, brick, limestone, and

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Underground mining involves digging shafts and tunnels to access mineral deposits buried deep in the ground. Miners use specialized equipment to extract the ore, which is then brought to the surface for processing. Support systems are in place to ensure the safety of miners and to prevent collapses in the underground mine workings.

Where was the T-Rex found?

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