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The final IB diploma grade is out of 45. 42 of those marks are awarded based on your achievement in your courses, and the final three are called "bonus marks".

IB students have a total of 6 courses they must complete for their diploma. They are classified in the following groups:

-First language (group 1)

-Second language (group 2)

-Humanities or Social Sciences (group 3)

-Science (group 4)

-Mathematics (group 5)

-Arts or a course in any of the other groups (group 6)

Each subject will be graded out of 7, based on internal and external assessment (specific requirements differ from subject to subject). So the best mark you can get in your subjects is 6 x 7 = 42. Each mark out of 7 is determined holistically, which means that what mark you receive depends on how well everyone else in the world taking that course did. 7s are very rare, 1s are fails, and the average is about a 4 or 5.

The "bonus marks" come from your Theory of Knowledge course and your Extended Essay. Your mark for TOK and EE are converted into letter grades (A, B, C, ...). These are then converted into a mark out of 3.

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Q: How Is The International Baccalaureate Score Calculated?
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