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yes 42 to be exact

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Q: Have carmelo Anthony scored 33 points in single quarter?
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What is the most points scored by carmelo Anthony in a single quarter?


Who scored the most points for US in a Olympic basketball game?

Carmelo Anthony

Who has scored 50 or more points in an NBA game this season?

Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Jennings

What was the most points carmelo Anthony scored in a game?

50 at home against the Knicks Nov 29, 2009

Did Carmelo Anthony win the MVP of the rookie challenge?

Yes.He scored 17 points of his 31 points inthe 2nd half.Type your answer here...

What is Carmelo Anthony's career high in points scored in the NBA?

It is actually 50, Against New York on 11/27/09

Who scored the most points in one quarter?

33 by George Gervin, San Antonio Spurs (vs. New Orleans Jazz) on April 9, 1978 (2nd quarter)33 by Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets (vs. Minnesota Timberwolves) on December 10, 2008 (3rd quarter)

What is the lowest score in an NBA quarter playoff game?

George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs scored 33 points against the New Orleans Jazz on April 9, 1978 in the second quarter. Carmelo Anthony shares that record when he also scored 33 points in a single quarter (third quarter) against the Minnesota Timberwolves on December 10, 2008.

What player holds the Nba record for most points in a quarter?

George Gervin - 33 points, 2nd quarter, 4/9/1978 Carmelo Anthony - 33 points, 3rd quarter, 12/10/2008

Who has the most points scored in a quarter in a high school basketball game in Caliornia?

Harry Ratnam of Fresno scored 29 points in the 3rs quarter of a basketball game!

What is a sentence using the word fourteen points?

I scored fourteen points in the first quarter!

What player scored the most points in one quarter?

That would be George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs, who scored 33 points in the second quarter against New Orleans on April 9, 1978.