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Q: Has there ever been a premier league season without a manager being sacked?
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Who the last scottish manager to be sacked from the english premier league?

Gordon Strachen

What is the worst place Chelsea have done in the premier league?

15 in the league manager got sacked after 20 games in charge

Who was the First premiere league manager sacked in 2009 season?

paul hart Portsmouth

Where was Brendan Rodgers sacked?

Brendan Rodgers was sacked as manager by Liverpool Football Club.

Who was the first premiership manager to be sacked in 1992?

Paul Hart (England) was the first coach sacked during the 2009-10 English Premier League season after the worst start in Portsmouth history, seven consecutive losses.He went on to coach Queens Park Rangers in December, but he left a month later and he joined Crystal Palace with one task to keep them in the Championship which he achieved on the final match day and he left the team.He is currently not coaching.

Should Fabio Capello be sacked as England manager?


What is the name of a forest manager?

The manager of Nottingham Forest is Steve Mclaren. Our past manager was Billy Davies but he was sacked.

Is Kenny daglish the Liverpool manager?

No. The team sacked him in 2012, April.

Who was the first premiership manager to be sacked in 2008 SEASON?

Juande Ramos

Who manages Beyonce?

She currently has no official manager. After her previous manager was sacked (her father), she decided to manage her career herself.

Was rafa benitez sacked as inter Milan manager?

Yes the Spaniard Rafael Benitez was sacked as the coach of Inter Milan after a period of six months.

Who was the first manager to be sacked in 2008?

Sam Allardyce 9th January 2008.