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Q: Has Birmingham city beat Aston villa 5 times in a row?
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How many times has villa beat blues?

Aston are better than Birmingham City,theyve never been relagated from the premiership. And have won more honours.

When did Liverpool beat Aston Villa 3-1 at Villa Park?

Liverpool have beat Aston Villa 3 times 3 - 1 at Villa Park, these took place on ;Friday 20th January, 1984,Saturday 8th December, 1979,Saturday 5th April, 1913.

When did wba last beat Aston villa?

22 October 2011: Aston Villa 1-2 West Bromwich Albion

Did Liverpool beat Aston villa 5-0?


Who scored the goals when Aston Villa beat Tottenham Hotspur in April 1992?

It was 5-2 to Aston Villa after a goalless first half... Lineker and a Teale own goal for Spurs.. No info on villa scorers I'm afraid!

Who did Aston villa beat in round 5 to book their place in the semi finals?

Norwich CIty!

Who was manger when Aston villa won European cup what was the team who scored goal?

Aston Villa beat Bayern Munich 1-0 to win the European Cup. Peter Withe scored the winner. Tony Barton was the winning manager.

Chelsea FC what are the two premiership teams that beat Chelsea this 2009 season?

Aston villa and wigan

Who did Manchester United beat in the Carling cup final in February 2010?

Aston Villa, 2-1.

In 1994 United's double could have been a treble Who prevented this?

Aston Villa beat Manchester United in the League Cup final.

What has man utd won in season 0910?

Carling Cup so far. Man Utd beat Aston Villa 2-1 :)

How many times did Chelsea beat Aston Villa in the 2009-10 season?

In the three competitive fixtures between the two teams in the 2009-10 season, Aston Villa won the first game 2 - 1, and Chelsea won the second and the third, 7 - 1 and 0 - 3 respectively. Their three-goal triumph came in the FA Cup semi-final.