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William gallas

thierry Henry

gael chlichy

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Q: French footballer who played for arsenal?
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A french footballer who played for arsanal?

Thierry Henry is French and did once play for arsenal.

Which English footballer played for Arsenal and Monaco?


What french footballer has played the most premier league games?

It is Nickolas Anelka, with Arsenal, Bolton wanderers,Manchester City, and Chelsea.

What Dublin born footballer who played in the seventies for arsenal?

It is Luin dublin the Irish footballer.

What swedish footballer played for arsenal everton and Birmingham?

Anders Limpar

Has any footballer played for arsenal and Liverpool?

Anelka micheal thomas

Who did Robert Pires join after leaving Arsenal?

Following his exit from Arsenal in 2006, French footballer Robert Pires joined Spanish side Villarreal.

Which English footballer played for Everton Arsenal and Rangers in the last 10 years?


Nigerian footballer to play in all Fifa competition?

It is Kanu who played for Ajax, Arsenal, and Porthsmouth as well.

Who is Gael Clichy?

Gael Clichy (born July 26, 1985 in Toulouse) is a French footballer who currently plays for Manchester City and the French national football team. Prior to his career at Manchester City, he had previously played at Cannes and Arsenal.

Which footballer smoke in arsenal?


Which team does French footballer Mikael Silvestre play for?

Mikael Silvestre plays for the Portland Timbers since this year (2013). Before that he played for the FC Dodsal (2012) and Werder Bremen and FC Arsenal.