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As of June 2014, Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester United, a club in England.

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Manchester United

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Q: For what club does Wayne Rooney play?
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What club did Wayne Rooney play for in 2002?

Everton FC.

What is Wayne Rooney's 1st club?

Rooney's 1st club was Everton.

What club did Wayne Rooney score his first Premiership goal against?

Wayne Rooney has scored against every club in the e.P.L.

What does Wayne Rooney not like?

Liverpool football club

Who is the captin of the Manchester united soccer club?

wayne rooney

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Which country does Wayne Rooney play for?


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Will Wayne Rooney play in the tour 2010?

Yes he will play.

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How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in 2013 2014 season?

Wayne Rooney has scored 19 goals for country and club in the 2013/2014 season.

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