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Yes Van der has a brother and a sister.sar

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Q: Does van der sar have any brothers sisters?
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Who is better pepe reina or van der sar?

van der sar

What is Edwin van Der Sar daughter called?

Lynn Van Der Sar

Who is better van der sar or cech?

Petr Cech

What country does Van Der Sar play for?

Van Der Sar played for Holland.

Who is Edwin van der sar's mum and dad?

They are Mr and Mrs Van der sar.

Who is better van der sar or reina?

van der sar. no doubt about it. even when the man is retired

How did van der sar join man you?

van der Sar joined Manchester United from Fulham.

What is Edwin van der Sar's birthday?

Edwin van der Sar was born on October 29, 1970.

When was Edwin van der Sar born?

Edwin van der Sar was born on October 29, 1970.

Is van der sar gay?

van der sar is gay because he loves sir alex Ferguson

What sport did Edwin van der Sar play?

Edwin van der Sar is a former professional soccer player.

What team was Edwin Van der Sar a goalkeeper for?

Edwin Van der Sar was a goalkeeper for Manchester United from 2005 to 2011. He also played the most out of any player in history in the Netherlands national team.