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yes it does. i've done this in a science project awhile back so, yea.

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Q: Does the rotation of a basketball after a shot is taken affect the chances of it going through the hoop?
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Does the Earth's rotation affect a space shuttle launch?

Yes. It is harder for a Space Shuttle to break through the Earth's atmosphere when it's going against the rotation of Earth.

In math how do rotations affect coordinates?

A rotation turns a shape through an angle at a fixed point thus changing its coordinates

Does daylight savings affect earth rotation?

yes! first it will affect you!

Can a solar flare stop the Earth's rotation?

No. Solar flares do not affect Earth's rotation.

Does the space shuttle launch affect the earth rotation?

No it does not.

How does rotation affect how far a football is thrown?

don't no

How does rotation and revolution affect a day and a year?


What is the relationship between mass of a rotating object and its period?

The mass of a rotating object does not affect its period of rotation. The period of rotation is determined by the object's moment of inertia and angular velocity. However, the mass of an object can affect its moment of inertia, which in turn can affect the period of rotation.

How does earth's varying orbital speed affect it's rotation?

The earth's orbital speed has no influence or effect on its rotation.

How did basketball affect culture?

Basketball has made a major contribution to fashion through areas such as exercise gear and sneakers. The sport also influences fans as well as athletes to be physically fit for professional and amateur leagues.

How the earths rotation and revolution affect life on earth?

The Earth's rotation causes day and night by exposing different parts of the planet to sunlight, influencing daily rhythms of activity and rest in living organisms. Its revolution around the sun creates different seasons due to the tilt of Earth's axis, influencing climate patterns, migration, and reproductive cycles in animals and plants.

What does magnetic fields affect?

it affects the other planets and its rotation