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yes it is an assist if you inbound it but he needs to shoot it quickly

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Q: Does it count as an assist when a player inbounds to a player that scores a basket?
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What is pointing finger in basketball?

Generally when a player scores a basket he points to the person who passed him the ball. It is a way to acknowledge an assist and helps in team building.

What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?

You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

What is a pass by one player to another that scores in basketball?


How are assists determined in basketball?

An assists is when player A passes the ball to player B and player B shoots the ball and makes a basket, resulting in player A getting the assist. However, player B does not strictly have to shoot the ball immediately. Player B can take a small step or dribble to create space for himself and then shoot. If player B takes too many dribbles or steps, an assist will not be credited to player A. Oftentimes, an assist is left up to the people running the statistics during the game, and while one person may call it an assist, another person may see it differently.

At what point does a pass no longer count as an assist in a basketball game?

When the player that receives the pass dribbles the ball. If the player receiving the ball makes a jump shot without dribbling or drives the basket and makes the shot without dribbling an assist is awarded. Actully no, an assist counts if the playr that got th bal passed to scores in less then 2 seconds. Not when he dribbles. Thats not true. You get 3 seconds 2 score. And the player passing th ball gets the assist

What do the assisst means in basketball?

An assist occurs when a player passes the ball to a teammate and the teammate scores.

When would 2 points be rewarded in a basketball game?

When a player scores a basket within the three-pointer semi circle.

The usual number of points received when a player scores a basket?

It is called making a basket. Two points are awarded if a player makes a basket from within the three point arc... and three points are awarded if a player makes a basket from beyond the three point arc.

What are assists in football?

an assist is any player that passes the ball via his feet, head, chest to the scoring player, resulting in a goal for the shooting player and an assist for the passing player.

What is the a in softball line scores?

A is assist which is a fielding statistic.

What Constitutes an assist in field hockey?

If you get an assist in field hockey, that means that no player (besides the goal scorer) touched the ball after you get it and pass it to the scorer, finishing the ball. Here's the play-by-play: the ball is in your possession. You get rid of the ball and another player on your team gets it in the goal and scores.

What happens when kc scores a basket?

The crowd goes wild and the other team gets the ball