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No, the tackle does not need to be covered up. As long as there are 7 people on the line of scrimmage, it does not matter where they are at. Only the non-lineman players on the line farthest from the ball are eligible. Anyone not on the line is eligible.

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Q: Does an offensive tackle need to be covered by a receiver at the snap of the football?
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Can an offensive tackle run the football?

actually a offensive tackle are not really supposed to run the football not unless they recover a fumble

What is a T in football?

An Offensive Tackle

How do you use tackle in a sentence as a verb?

The football player had to tackle the receiver so they wouldn't make a touchdown!!

What does Covered Up mean in football?

Some context would help. I can think of two possible uses. 1) The term 'covered' usually refers to a defensive player attempting to stay close to a potential offensive receiver. The offensive player is trying to find the opportunity to allow the quarterback to throw him the ball without the defensive player having the opportunity to prevent it. If the defensive player is in excellent position to stop such a pass, the receiver is said to be 'covered'. If two defenders are in such position, the receiver is said to be 'double-covered'. 2) Sometimes, when someone is trying to explain an illegal formation penalty that relates to the tackle not being 'covered up' by a receiver. The rule is that the offense must have exactly 7 men on the line of scrimmage. The outer two are eligible receivers, the inner 5 are not. If one of the outer two lines up to far off the line of scrimmage, the referee may explain the illegal formation penalty as the tackle not being 'covered up' by a receiver. The first definition is the more common by a considerable extent.

Who can go in motion on offense in football?

Full back,tight end, wide receiver , tackle

What postion is a T in football?

There is no straight T, though it could mean "Tackle" (as in offensive tackle and defensive tackle). Also tight end is TE.

What University did Matt Bloom a kind of A-Train play offensive tackle in football for?


Whats the difference between an offensive Guard and an Offensive Tackle in football?

The offensive tackle is one of the five positions on the offensive line in American Football. The tackle position (left and right) is located on the outside of the offensive line, next to the guards.Tackle Guard Center Guard TackleThe Tackles role is to protect the quarterback and/or ball carrier by blocking the rushing defensive linemen, linebackers and/or blitzing defensive players.

In football must the tackle be covered for the formation to be legal?

No as long as there are 7 men on the line. so the uncovered tackle could catch a pass

What are the positions for a football team offense?

Quaterback, Halfback, Fullback, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Tackle, Guard, Center.

Is the Left guard on the offensive line?

Yes. An offensive line in football consists of a center, a left and right guard and a left and right tackle.

Is a punt receiver in a football game allowed to block the person running down the field to tackle him or block him from downing the football if the receiver lets the punt go?

Yes, though this is not usually seen often due to the punt receiver's focus being only on catching the ball.