Does Ruth Goodman have a family?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Ruth Goodman, the historian, has a family which includes her husband. There is also a Ruth Goodman, who is a missionary, that is married to Craig and they have a daughter named Julianne.

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Q: Does Ruth Goodman have a family?
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What has the author Ruth Goodman Corriher written?

Ruth Goodman Corriher has written: 'Johann Michael Guthmann (Goodman) 1694-1720' -- subject(s): Family, Genealogy

Is Ruth Goodman married?

Ruth Goodman is not married. Ruth is a historian who was born in the early 1960s. She does have two adult children.

Where was Ruth Goodman the historian born?

Where does ruth goodman live,im sure i saw her in waitrose in thame not so long ago.

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