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yes Cooper has three children ...May (girl) Arch (boy) and Heil (boy).

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He does not have any kids

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Q: Does Cooper Manning have any children?
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Is Cooper Manning divorced?

Cooper Manning is the brother of pro football players Peyton and Eli Manning. He is married and has two young children.

Does Cooper Manning have kids?

Yes, Cooper Manning is married and has three children. Cooper is the youngest of the Manning brothers both of whom play in the NFL.

Is Cooper Manning Eli Manning?

No! Just google "Cooper Manning" for more info on the older brother. Archie manning, the Mannings father, played football NO. Cooper Manning is the older brother of Peyton and Eli Manning. BUT COOPER DID PLAY FOOTBALL. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in his freshman year of collage as ole miss and was unable to play football again.

What is Peyton Manning's brother's name?

Cooper and Eli

What is Peyton Manning sibiling name?

Eli Manning and Cooper Manning unfortunately Cooper was injured in High School and never made the NFL.

Does Eli Manning have any brothers?

NO! No, but he has 2 older brothers including Peyton, and Cooper

How is Cooper manning?

Cooper turns 38 sometime in 2012.

Does Eli Manning have any younger brother's?

NO! No, but he has 2 older brothers including Peyton, and Cooper

Does Eli Manning have a brother name codey?

No its Eli Peyton and Cooper Manning

Why doesn't Cooper Manning play football?

Cooper Manning used to play football, but spinal stenosis kept him from a professional career.

Does Peyton Manning have any brothers?

Yes, one younger brother, Eli. He has an older named Cooper.

What are the names of Eli Mannings brothers?

Cooper and Peyton.