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Raking leaves is the proper English phrase to use.

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Q: Do you write raking leafs or raking leaves?
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Why will moving her hands make the raking easier?

if you are not using your hands for raking you will not be able to get the leafs from the ground, so by moving your hands you will be able to collect all the leafs of you grass.

What is a word for removing leaves?


Raking leaves is an example of physical activity?

Yes, raking leaves is a good example of a physical activity, because your boby is moving.

Is door leafs or leaves correct?

The correct term is "door leaves" when referring to the swinging panels of a door. The word "leaves" is used in this context to describe individual panels that are part of a larger door structure.

What activities can you do during autumn?

During autumn, you can go apple picking, visit pumpkin patches, take nature walks to see the changing colors of the leaves, and enjoy cozy bonfires with friends and family.

Why was the blonde in the tree?

Because she was raking up the leaves!

Raking leaves is what type of physical activity?


What is raking leaves in french?

râtisser les feuilles

Is raking leaves a chemical change?

No, raking leaves is a physical change because it does not alter the chemical composition of the leaves. However, the leaves themselves undergo chemical changes over time as they decompose.

What is the plural of leaves?

leaves is the plural, leaf is the singular

What does the leafs eat?

Leaves, mostly.

How do you say i am raking leaves in German?

I am raking leaves can be translated as ich reche die Blätter/den Laub zusammen or ich bin dabei, die Blätter/den Laub zusammenzurechen