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Of course not! I am a cheerleader and I do not tumble. But during tryouts you get more points and have a better chance of making the squad if you do ! Also a tumbler can be a great asset to the team! But hey, everyone can't do everything! You can be the most spirited! Good luck In Cheerleading:)

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Yes, but only those who go to a tumbling class or lesson. Some cheerleading teams such as allstars and high school require you to tumble. Some tumbling skills are backhandspring, back tuck, layout and full or layout full twist.

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Q: Do you have to tumble to be a cheerleader?
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What some thing that a cheerleader and a gymnasts does?

They both tumble .

What skills are needed for a cheerleader to tumble?

You need a back-flip round off backhand spring cartwheel and all that

If you want to be a cheerleader and you can't tumble but you can do everything else really well do you think you would still make the squad?


How do you become a great cheerleader?

To be a great cheerleader you need to overcome your fears and be strong. Additionally:1) Be Loud!2) Be happy (perky)3) Tumble (optional)4) Stunt (optional)5) Flexible

Can you be a new cheerleader at eighteen?

of course you can you can, but you really have to be able to learn quick. because at 18 you are going off to college, and if you wanna make the college team you have to be able to tumble. (tumbling is back handsprings, fulls, etc.) and if you're a new cheerleader, chances are you can't tumble. which means you gotta learn all that quick before you tryout for a team

How can you be the best cheerleader?

drink lots of water and stretch everyday and just be flexible and tumble very good and maybe get in gymnastics and practice practice practice!

How do you use tumble in a sentence?

Let's take a tumble! I was ffightened when the pigeon began to tumble.

What is it Like to be a Cheerleader?

it is very fun but it is hard work i personally think rec is fake competitive is the real stuff you get to go to different places and compete against many different teams you have dance cheer tumble stunts and many more !

What is the past of tumble?

Tumbled is the past tense of tumble.

Is gymnastics the only sport that you can tumble in?

No, cheerleaders also tumble

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Tumble RFC was created in 1897.

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