Do you hate soccer

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Well, I don't hate soccer. I love to play it, it's fun. So no, I don't.

I think it is boring but i don't hate it.

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Q: Do you hate soccer
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Why do soccer fans hate it when the opposing team parks the bus?

Soccer fans hate when the opposing team parks the bus because they fail to enjoy the attacking aspect of soccer.

What sport does Jim Carrey hate?


What does Mason Musso hate in a girl?

he hates soccer in girls. really i am serious about this i am only 10 years that is all i HATE soccer i am dead serious.really SO REALLY

What sports does Miley Cyrus hate?

soccer, baseball

Why do people soccer?

i don't know i hate the sport

Why people love and hate playing soccer?

People love soccer because it is so fun amd energetic to play. Some people dont like soccer because their is alot of running . Some people hate it because it have alot of running and they have azma

Why do Mexicans hate the soccer player landon donovan?

Because he is American

Who does the us womans national soccer team hate the most?


How do you say 'i hate soccer' in french?

"Je déteste le foot". (Lots of French guys may hate you for this, if you're a guy, that is)

Why do people in italy hate sports?

They don't. The Italians are very big Soccer fans.

How do you say 'soccer' in India?

every country in the world, calls it football, except for the USA which calls it soccer (I hate that name, I am English and i live in the USA).

How do you say I hate football in Spanish?

"To hate " is odiar. "Odio el fútbol" Just remember "fútbol" to everyone else in the world is what we call "soccer" in the US.