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Q: Do the Boston bruins and Boston Celtics have separate locker rooms?
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Does ray Allen play football?

No ray allen doesn't play football. His favorite sport is actually hacky-sack. Numerous reporters have reported whitnessing him play in the boston celtics locker room. Paul pierce has proticipated in these events with him. Both kick each others hacky-sack in the locker room back and forth. Everyone in the locker room loves to watch.

What 3 numbers did Ray Bourque wear as a Bruin?

Bourque himself says on the "History of the Boston Bruins" DVD that he wore #29 all throughout camp and the preseason and that #7 was hanging in his locker opening night. Leading one to believe that he only wore #7 and #77 throughout his career with the Bruins and Avalanche.AnswerRay Bourque wore the numbers 7 and 77. I don't believe that he ever wore another number other than those two. AnswerIt was 14...Number 7 was worm by a veteran of the AHL's Bruins development franchise. When he was cut at the end of the camp, Bourque took his number 7.

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