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Q: Do ray Lewis brother play in the nfl?
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Did ray Lewis play for any other team in the nfl?

Ray Lewis played his entire career for the Baltimore Ravens.

How did Ray Lewis become popular?

Ray Lewis had become popular by playing football professionally, for the NFL. Many football players who play in the NFL will gain great popularity with everyone.

How many years did ray Lewis play in the nfl?

15 years

Who is the stongest player in the NFL?

Ray Lewis

Who is the scariest NFL player?

Ray Lewis

Who is the weakest NFL player?

The weakest NFL player is Ray Lewis

When was Ray Lewis' first NFL game?

Ray Lewis' first game was on September 1, 1996.

Did Ray Lewis's real mother do an ad for NFL evolution?


What is ray lewis's address?

The NFL does not disclose that sort of information.

Who Greatest middle linebacker in NFL history?

Ray Lewis

How many years have ray Lewis been in the nfl?


What player in the nfl caused the most injuries?

Ray Lewis