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Q: Do all NFL teams make the same amount of money?
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Do Kobe and lebron make the same amount of money?


Should all baseball teams be forced to spend the same amount of money on players?

yes cause it wouldn't be fair

Do doctors and interior designer make the same amount of money?

designer makes more money

How much do Mac Geeks make?

The same amount of money non-mac geeks make. Why would the amount be different?

How much less money do woman make then men?

women can make the same amount of money as men you are so sexist

Who earns more a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or a MD?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine make more money than md's however only a slight bit more ------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure that this answer is correct. The MD and DO degrees are what is needed to be licensed as a physician. Physicians (MD or DO) make the same amount of money in the same fields. (i.e. a family doc, whether an MD or DO, will make around $160,000-$175,000 They get paid the same amount.

Is the capacity the same as amount Why?

No. A quantity of money would be an amount but not capacity.

What effect did the fall in wheat price have on US farmers in 1920s?

They had to grow more wheat to make the same amount of money.

How much can I make being a pediatric or a regular nurse?

Nurse's make a little more than the average making money. They make kind of the same amount of money as regular engineers. Which is about 80,000 minimum to as much as 300,000.

How do loan processing companies make money?

Loan processing companies make money from interest. Interest is a specific percentage of the original amount taken from the loan processing company. When taking out a loan, the loan user takes a specific amount and is expected to later pay the same amount plus the interest they owe.

How much is the money in Cuba worth here in the US?

the money there is worth the same amount of money here in the u.s.a

How much money does a person make in one month?

Of course not everyone makes the same amount of money. It depends a lot on the job. Maybe try looking up a certain job salary.