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Q: Do NBA players get paid while on the inactive list?
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Do baseball players get paid while on disabibled list?


List of English premier league highest paid players?


Is a MLB player paid while suspended?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

Why do people get paid to play football?

Because they are professional players. And that's there jobs while unpaid players play for pride not money

Why are soccer players not the highest paid athletes in the world?

While the very top few of the highest-paid athletes are not footballers, many of them are.

Do rugby league players get paid to much and why?

In comparison to American football players and soccer players they certainly are not over paid but for the top players its considered that they may be under paid

How does workers comp in the NFL pay for those on injuried reserve?

Players placed on IR are still paid by the team. Most players have a down amount that is less than their full salary and that is what they are paid while on IR.

List of highest paid African footballer in Europe?

The three top players are Samuel Etoo, Michael Essien and Didier Drogba.

If an MLB player is on injury reserve list does he gets paid?

There is no longer an injury list in the NBA. Teams now designate up to two players as 'inactive'. The difference between the two is that under the former 'injured list', the player was automatically ineligible for 5 games. In either situation, the player experiences no change in his pay.

Do NFL players on the Physically Unable to Perform list get paid a full salary?

Yes. The PUP list is similar to MLB's 60 day disabled list. Players receive full salary but are not allowed to play or practice. They may attend team meetings.

How much do pro bowl coaches get paid?

they get paid as much as the players win the game.

Where and when were the first basketball players paid?

The first time basketball players got paid was in 1896