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Yes, he had 11 receptions for 103 yards in Super Bowl XLII against the Giants.

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Q: Did wes welker play in the super bowl against the giants?
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How many times did wes welker win the Super Bowl?

Wes Welker did not win any Super Bowls while a member of the New England Patriots. Welker was on the team when it went to Super Bowls XLII and XLVII. The Patriots lost both games to the NY Giants.

How man Super Bowls do the New York Giants have?

The giants have won four Super Bowls. Super Bowl 21 against the broncos 39-20 Super bowl 25 against the bills 20-19 Super Bowl 42 against the pats 17-14 Super Bowl 46 against the pats 21-17

Who wins the Super Bowl 46?

Its a patriots V.S. giants super bowl. The giants will win because they have a history of beating the patriots. If we go back in time to earlier times in the season we would see that the giants won against the patriots. Then in 2007 for super bowl 42 the giants won.

Who did the NY Giants play against in Super Bowl twenty-five?

The Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV by the score of 20-19.

Did the New York Jets ever play against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl?

Yes. (Giants are NFC, Jets are AFC) The Super Bowl consists of one team from the NFC and one from the AFC.

What color will the giants wear to the Super Bowl against the patriots?


How may Tom Brady sacks in super bowl against giants?


Did ny giants win super bowl against Ravens football team?

No ... they lost Super Bowl XXXV to the Ravens, 34-7.

Did the New York Giants play a Super Bowl game against the Chicago Bears?

No. The NY Giants and the Chicago Bears both play in the NFC, therefore they cannot meet in the Super Bowl.

Who did patriots play against in every Super Bowl they been to?

lost to Chicago Super Bowl XX 46-10 lost to Greenbay Super Bowl XXXI 35-21 won Super Bowl XXXVI against St Louis 20-17 won Super Bowl XXXVIII against Carolina 32-29 won Super Bowl XXXIX against Philadelphia 24-21 And Lost to the GIants 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII

How many Super Bowl rings do the ny giants have?

As of 2012, the New York Giants have won four Super Bowls:1986 Season- Super Bowl XXI: VS. Denver Broncos, 39-201990 Season- Super Bowl XXV: VS. Buffalo Bills, 20-192007 Season- Super Bowl XLII: VS. New England Patriots, 17-142011 Season- Super Bowl XLVI VS. New England Patriots, 21-17***Note*** The Giants played in Super Bowl XXXV, but lost to Baltimore Ravens 34-7

How many Super Bowls have the Giants won and how many have the been to?

The first Super Bowl the Giants have been to was in 1987 against the Denver Broncos. They won that 39-20. The second Super Bowl the Giants have been in was in 1991 against the Buffalo Bills. They won 20-19. The third Super Bowl the Giants were in was against the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. They lost 34-7. Giants against the undefeated New England Patriots in 2008 - They won 17-14 and pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. And they just beat the Patriots again in 2012. So in total the Giants have been in 5 Super Bowls and have won 4.