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Yes, he was the starting free safety for the Redskins team that won Super Bowl XVII.

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Q: Did mark Murphy ever win a super bowl with the redskins?
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Has a black quarterbacl ever won a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams won the Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins--he was the MVP.

Did Barry maniilow ever sing the national anthem at a super bowl?

Yes, that was Super Bowl XVIII between the Raiders and Redskins.

What is the most yards ever gained in a Super Bowl by a team?

602 by the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII against the Denver Broncos.

Has the redskins ever won a super bowl against the Eagles?

no they are both in the same conference

What is the first QB ever to catch a pass in a super bowl?

Duge williams of the redskins biotch

Has a Canadian ever won a Super Bowl ring?

Yes - Mo Elewonibi from Victoria BS with Washington Redskins

Who was the last black NFL quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams won Super Bowl XXII (1987-88 season) with the Washington Redskins to become the first and only black quarterback to play in and win a Super Bowl (Steve McNair and Donovan McNabb have played in Super Bowls, but neither won)

Did George Allen ever coach the Washington Redskins to a NFL championship?

No. The Redskins best season under Allen was 1972 when the team won the NFC Championship and played in Super Bowl VII against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins won that Super Bowl and finished the season undefeated and untied, the only team in NFL history to do so.

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


How many quaterbacks from the university of California los angeles have ever won super bowls and who are they?

Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys is the only UCLA starting quarterback to have won a Super Bowl, winning SBs XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX. Bill Kilmer of the Washington Redskins is the only other quarterback from UCLA to start a Super Bowl. He started SB VII and lost to the Miami Dolphins. Jay Schroeder won as a backup with the Redskins in Super Bowl XXII. Tommy Maddox played for the Steelers that won Super Bowl XL but was not active for the game and Steve Bono played for the 49ers that won Super Bowl XXIV but was not active for the game.

Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Did a women ever play a game in the Super Bowl?

No women ever played in a Super Bowl game.