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Q: Did lebron James have his own shoes with nike his rookie year?
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Can you buy LeBron James shoes at nike in Beverton Oregon?

It's Lebron James

What are the most expensive Nike shoes for men?

The most expensive Nike shoes are the LeBron X P.S. Elite iD. The shoes are currently $310 in the Nike Store and are specifically engineered for LeBron James and to have extreme comfort and support.

Where do you get LeBron James wristbands?

NBA star LeBron James has an official wristband called the I Promise band and proceeds benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation. You can purchase this wristband in black through the foundation.

How much does LeBron James all-star shoes cost?

nike lebron James all star cost anywhere from 169 - 280 but hurry the price keeps going up

Who has endoresed LeBron James?


What type of socks does lebron James wear?

Nike Zoom or NIKE id i love LeBron so much, he is my exculusive idol, and i have been looking for his BASKETBALL EQUIPMENTS, i've found a nice website to buy discount LeBron James shoes, i bought 2 pairs of Zoom LeBron James VI with only 130 dollars, after that i gave one of them to my best friend, he likes it very much, when playing basketball, we both put VI on,that feelings are so beautiful! and i hope this can help basketball fans like me to buy Zoom LeBron James VI shoes!

Was LeBron James Sponsored by Nike?


Who Sponsers LeBron James?

Nike, and Sprite

What shoe does LeBron James wear?


What are Manu Ginobili's shoes in this picture?

nike air lebron 9

What sneaker company signed lebron James?


What is the best Nike basketball shoe?

Well, really there aren't "the best" shoes, but the shoes from legends are pretty good, for example: Dwight Howard's, Kobe Bryant's, Lebron James, etc...