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No, he has never played for Inter Milan, though he has played for other Italian teams such as Parma and Lazio.

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Q: Did juan Sebastian veron play for inter Milan?
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How tall is Juan Sebastian Veron?

Juan Sebastian Veron is 186 cm.

What nicknames does Juan Sebastian Veron go by?

Juan Sebastian Veron goes by Seba, and La Brujita.

What team does Juan Sebastian veron play for?

As of 2012, Juan Sebastian Veron plays for Argentine side Estudiantes, with whom he has played since 2007.

Who played for Chelsea and lazio?

Juan Sebastian Veron

Who was the captain of Argentina in FIFE 2002?

Juan Sebastian Veron

What is first name of veron the football player?

Juan Sebastian

Is Juan Sebastian veron black?

No he is a white man from Argentina , and plays in the midfield

How much did Chelsea pay Manchester United in 2003 for Juan Sebastian Vernon?

Chelsea never did buy Juan Sebastin Veron.

What football players have played for both manutd and Chelsea?

I know of one myself. Juan Sebastian Veron

Who was an argentinian football player for man utd?

Juan Sebastian Veron, Gabriel Heinze and Carlos Tevez.

What major events occurred in Juan Sebastian Veron's soccer career?

During Juan Sebastian Veron's soccer career there were a few notable events. Highs include multi-million pound deals to play for Parma and Lazio. Lows include a passport scandal that included false documents.

What teams did juan veron play for?

i think he is play for argentina