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Q: Did favre every play against Joe Montana?
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What quarterbacks did john elway play against in the Super Bowls?

Phil Simms Doug Williams Joe Montana Brett Favre Chris Chandler

Did breet farve and joe Montana play eachouther?

No. Favre's and Montana's careers overlapped three seasons, 1992-1994. Favre was with the Packers and Montana was with the 49ers in 1992 and the Chiefs in 1993 and 1994. The Packers and Chiefs did meet in a Monday Night game on November 8, 1993 but Montana did not play for the Chiefs that night; Dave Krieg was the Chiefs QB.

Who did Bret favre play against in the super bowl?

Favre and the Green Bay Packers defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI and lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII.

Did Brett Favre play the whole game against the patriots in super bowl xxxi?

Yes, Brett Favre played the whole game in Super Bowl XXXI. He was the only quarterback the Packers used in the game.

Is Brett Favre going to play this year?

No. On March 4, 2008 Brett Favre retired.

Did Brett favre play for Oregon?

No. Brett Favre played his college football for Southern Mississippi

How many years did Brett Favre play on the Jets?

brett favre didnt play on the jets idiot

Does Brett Favre play football?


Did Bret favre ever play for the Baltimore Ravens?

No - Favre was never associated with the Ravens in any fashion.

Who was the oldest QB to play pro football?

brett favre in one week

What team does Brett Favre play for 2011?

Brett Favre retired from the National Football League after the 2010 season.

How many receptions does Brett Favre have in his career?

Favre is credited with 2 receptions ... 1 in 1992 for -7 yards against the Buccaneers and 1 in 2009 for -2 yards against the Rams. Both came on deflected passes that wound up back in his hands. He caught a third pass, from Randy Moss, in a game in 2010 against the Jets for 9 yards but the play was nullified by a penalty.