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Q: Did Paul Stewart score in a Manchester derby?
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Which player has played in all four of the following matches Manchester derby merseyside derby London derby tyneside derby?

Paul Stewart

What footballer Has Played In The Manchester Liverpool North London And Tyne Derbies?

Do you mean "who has played for either Man U or Man City in a Manchester derby AND for either Liverpool or Everton in a Liverpool derby AND for either Arsenal or Spurs in a North London derby?"? Guesses Paul Stewart, Bobby Mimms, Paul Walsh, Vinny Samways

Who has played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby north London derby tyneside derby and the Glasgow derby?

I'm gonna say Paul Stewart, for Tottenham, Man City, Sunderland and Liverpool.

Which player has played in the Manchester derby North London derby Glasgow derby and Tyneside derby?

Bro you've got to be kidding me dont you know it's David Beckham

Did Paul Walsh score in a Manchester Derby?

No - He did play in a couple whilst at Manchester City (most notably the 5-0 defeat in 1994) but didn't score in any of them.

Which player as played in a Manchester and a merseyside and a north east and a London derby?

Paul Stewart (Man City; Liverpool; Sunderland; Tottenham).

Name the player who has played in the Manchester Merseyside and Tyneside derbies?

Paul Stewart Andrei Kanchelskis Michael Ball

Did Paul Walsh footballer ever play in Manchester derby?

Yes - he played for Manchester City in 1994-1995 and played in at least one Manchester Derby (the 5-0 defeat to Man Utd in 1994). He's also played in the Merseyside Derby, the North London Derby and a Luton Town - Watford derby.

Who played in the Manchester derby London derby Milan derby Glasgow derby?

The Manchester derby would be between Manchester United and Manchester City. The Milan derby would be between AC Milan and Inter Milan. The Glasgow derby would be between Celtic and Rangers There are 5-6 London teams in the English Premier League at any one time so lots of different derbies.

Which current premiershire footballer has played in Glasgow derby Manchester derby London derby Merseyside Derby Tyneside deryb and East Anglia derby?

Michael Owen, Phil Neville and Tim Howard, and Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Craig Bellamy, Paul Ince, David James, Wayne Rooney, Andrei Kanchelkis, Paul Stewart, Mark Hughes, Michael Ball, Louis Saha, Dietmar Hamann, John Gidman

Played in the manchestermilan and Liverpool derby?

Paul Ince for Manchester United, Inter Milan and Liverpool

What three players played in all three derby matches at Manchester milano and Liverpool?

Paul Ince