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No. Thankfully.

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Q: Did Michael Jordan run for president?
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Why should Michael Jordan be a President?

he cant be president because he is an idiot!

Where is Michael Jordan 2011?

He is the president of the Charlotte Bobcats.

How long did Michael Jordan run his Jordan shoe company?

5 years

What is Micheal Jordan full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

What year did Michael Jordan hit a home run during baseball practice?

in year 1997

Who is richer Michael Jordan or Pele?

Michael Jordan

Is Michael Jordan on 2k9?

no. Michael Jordan is on 2k3

What is Michael Jordan's cologne called?

Michael Jordan

Who has been to more winning playoff games Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan's career field goal percentage is .497 and Kobe Bryant's is .455 .

Is LeBron James a better player than Michael Jordan?

No because LeBron doesn't know how to run the floor and Michael "Air Jordan" can score about 60 points a game. Even though LeBron is newer does not mean that he is better! Therefore, Michael Jordan is the best Basketball player ever.

Who is number 23 on the Chicago Bulls?

The legend of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was number 23.

Did Michael Jackson have any further educations?

Michael Jordan