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Q: Did Gloster Richardson catch a touchdown pass in Super Bowl 4?
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Who had the 1st player to catch an interception and run it in for touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Herb Adderley, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl II vs The Oakland Raiders

What Cowboy player touched a tipped pass allowing John Mackey to catch and run for an improbable touchdown in Super Bowl V?

Mel Renfro

Who caught the helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII?

DAVID TYREE!!! i can answer 2 questions at once! Q: WHo caught the winning touchdown? A: Palaxio Burress

Who caught the ball that was thrown by Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII?

If your talking about the final Touchdown catch it was Plaxico Burress. He's talking about "the catch." My friend, that man was David Tyree. For that catch I think Tyree should've been the MVP of the game.

Who were the two Patriots players to catch touchdown passes in Super Bowls 38 and 39?

David Givens and Deion Branch caught TD passes in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Givens and Mike Vrabel caught TD passes in Super Bowl XXXIX.

What was the result of Jerry Rice's first catch as a 49er?


Did john elway ever catch a touchdown pass?


Mike ditka was the first philadelphia eagle to do what?

Catch a touchdown pass by a tight end

Last patriot to throw catch and run for a touchdown in a single game?

David patten

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana have before the catch?

39. He had 35 in the 1979-81 regular seasons and four in the playoffs before the last-minute touchdown to Dwight Clark. It was Montana's 40th touchdown of his career to that point.

Did William perry at 350 lbs catch a touchdown pass at Lambeau Field in 1985?


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