Did Cleophus Robinson Jr. die

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: Did Cleophus Robinson Jr. die
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Is rev Robinson still living?

Rev Cleophus Robinson died on July 2, 1998 in St. Louis, Mo. at the age of 66. Rev. Robinson was pastor of the Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church in St. Louis for 41 years. The church's present pastor is Rev. Cleophus Robinson's second oldest son, Paul Robinson. The Minister of Music is the Rev. Cleophus Robinson Jr. The church continues to have dynamic worship services in the tradition of the late Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Sr.

When was Cleophus Prince Jr. born?

Cleophus Prince Jr. was born on 1967-07-24.

Did rev cleophus Robinson have a sermon about winter time?

Rev. Robinson preached and recorded a Sermon called "Don't Die In The Winter Time".

Did Reverend Cleophus Robinson have a son named Cleophus Robinson Jr?

Cleophus Robinson, Jr, lives in St. Louis, Missouri and still performs and ministers at the church his father founded years ago. He's enjoyed an interesting music career since the passing of his parents and was signed with several record labels. He was signed recently, by label CEO; Darrell Ellis to Emerged Records, part of the Emerged Music Group. His current release through Emerged Records is entitled "In the Mood" and was released May 13, 2012.

Where is cleophus Robinson buried?

Rev. Cleophus Robinson is buried in Oakgrove Cemetery in Saint Louis County Missouri. Rev Robinson is buried beside his wife who died in 2006. The Cemetery is located at Hanley road and St. Charles Rock Road.

Where can you get a copy of solemn prayer by cleophus Robinson He was really praying?

Ebay has a 45 listed

What is the birth name of Cleo Miller?

Cleo Miller's birth name is Cleophus Miller Jr..

How did Jacki Robinson Jr die?

car crash

When did Frasier Robinson die?

Fraser Robinson Sr. died 1936 and Fraser Robinson Jr.1991. Hope it helps.

Did rev cleophus Robinson make a record called mr bigstuff who do you think you are?

No, the song "Mr. Big Stuff" was recorded by Jean Knight in 1971. It became a hit and is considered one of her signature songs. Cleophus Robinson was a gospel singer known for his soulful voice and powerful performances, but he did not record that particular song.

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How did Jack Roosevelt Robinson Jr Die?

Jackie Robinson Jr. was Jackie Robinsons son who was in the army during Vietnam and when he came back crippled he became addicted to drugs and tried to fight his addiction but he then died from a automobile accident at the age of 24.