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He has only played for the Green Bay Packers.

Before that he played for the Univerity of California.

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Q: Did Aaron Rodgers play for a different football team before he joined the Green Bay Packers?
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How long has Aaron Rodgers been the starting qb for the packers?

He was backup quarterback for three years before becoming the starting quarterback in 2008.

Which zendejas played for the Green Bay Packers?

Max Zendejas played for the Green Bay Packers from 1987-1988 before leaving football. Max was elected to the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

When was john rodgers born?

before 1812

Who could probably win in the super bowl?

I believe the Packers will take the Lambeau Trophy and win the supper bowl. Rodgers is the highest ranking qb in passing accuracy , and will be on his game like never before. Watch you will see my pediction becme a reality

What is Greg Jennings most well known for?

Greg Jennings is a player in the National Football League. He is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Before playing for the Vikings, Jennings played for the Green Bay Packers.

Who coached Packers before Raymond McLean?


What did Bret frave play before the packers?

The Atlanta Falcons

Who coached the Green Bay Packers before Lombardi?


Where did Aaron Rodgers go to college?

He didn't graduate. He attended Butte Commimity College for a year before transferring to University of California Berkeley. He was there for two years before entering the draft at the end of junior year. He never graduated.

Who beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first pro football championship?

The Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963. The first pro football championship was played a long time before that. But if the question is about the first Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers beat the Chiefs 35-10.

What team did Darren sharper play on before the saints?

the packers then vikings

When did the Green Bay Packers win the first super bowl?

Howdy, glad to help. The "GREAT" Green Bay Packers won their first Super Bowl on January 15th, 1967. They defeated the AFC representative Kansas City Chiefs 35 - 10. The game was played in the LA Memorial Coliseum before a crowd of 61,946 in the 100,000 seat Coliseum. The MVP of the game was Green Bay's quarterback Bart Starr.