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2006 Dallas Cowboy Draft

1 (18, 18) - Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State, LB

2 (21, 53) - Anthony Fasano, Notre Dame, TE

3 (28, 92) - Jason Hatcher, Grambling State, DE

4 (28, 125) - Skyler Green, Louisiana State, WR

5 (5, 138) - Pat Watkins, Florida State, DB

6 (13, 182) - Montavious Stanley, Louisville, DT

7 (3, 211) - Pat McQuistan, Weber State, T

7 (16, 224) - E.J. Whitley, Texas Tech, C

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2004 Dallas Cowboy Draft

2 (11, 43) - Julius Jones, Notre Dame, RB

2 (20, 52) - Jacob Rogers, USC, T

3 (20, 83) - Stephen Peterman, Louisiana State, G

4 (25, 121) - Bruce Thornton, Georgia, DB

5 (12, 144) - Sean Ryan, Boston College, TE

7 (4, 205) - Nathan Jones, Rutgers, DB

7 (15, 216) - Patrick Crayton, NW Oklahoma State, WR

7 (22, 223) - Jacques Reeves, Purdue, DB

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That was defensive end Anthony Spencer of Purdue.

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Anthony Spencer

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Q: Dallas Cowboys number 1 draft pick in 2007?
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Who was the first pick in the 2007 NFL draft for the Dallas Cowboys?

Anthony Spencer

Who was the first player selected by the Dallas Cowboys in 2007 NFL Draft?

Anthony Spencer

Who wears Dallas Cowboys jersey 8 in 2007?

That number was not used in 2007.

2007 draft picks for Dallas Cowboys?

Anthony SpencerJames MartenIsaiah StanbackDoug FreeNick FolkDeon AndersonCourtney BrownAlan Ball

How many first round picks does Dallas have in the 2008 draft?

Currently, the Cowboys have two first round picks .... their own and Cleveland's. The Browns traded the Cowboys their first round choice in the 2008 for the Cowboys 22nd draft spot in the 2007 draft so they would be able to choose QB Brady Quinn.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys' first pick in the 2007 draft?

The Dallas Cowboys used a first-round pick to select linebacker-turned-defensive end Anthony Spencer from Purdue. Although he has had an injury riddle career with the Cowboys, he is still considered one of their best defensive players.

What was the Dallas Cowboys 2007 regular season record?

The Cowboys 2007 regular season record was 13-3.

Who is the 2007 coach for the Dallas Cowboys?

Wade Phillips :]

QB for the Dallas Cowboys in 2007?

Tony Romo.

In 2007 who did the Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving?


Cowboys first draft pick in 2007?

Anthony Spencer

Who was the cowboys first pick in 2007?

The Cowboys first choice in the 2007 NFL draft was defensive lineman Anthony Spencer out of Purdue.