Czech Republic ever won the world cup?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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No, they have not.

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Q: Czech Republic ever won the world cup?
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Did the Czech Republic ever host a major sport competition?

Yes, they were co-hosts of the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

When was Czech Republic Football Cup created?

Czech Republic Football Cup was created in 1993.

How many times has Czech Republic appeared in the world cup?


Who knocked Czech Republic out of the world cup 2010?

The Czech Republic were in the same group that Slovakia and Slovenia qualified from, with Poland, Northern Ireland and San Marino.

Has Slovenska Republic ever won the world cup?


Has the world cup ever been in the Dominican Republic?

No it has never been played there.

Has the Dominican Republic ever played in the World Cup?

No, they have never won it.

Did ireand ever win the world cup?

Neither the Republic of Ireland nor Northern Ireland have ever won the World Cup. The best performance was by the Republic of Ireland in 1990 when they reached the quarter-finals, where they were beaten by Italy (the hosts).

Which player scored the fist goal in euro cup 2008?

I t was Vaclav Sverkos of the Czech Republic.

Who is the youngest player to have scored for Ghana in a FIFA World Cup final tournament?

The youngest player to score for Ghana in the FIFA World Cup was Asamoah Gyan, who scored for the team against the Czech Republic in 2006 at the age of 20 years 207 days.

Did Ireland ever host the fifa world cup?

No they have not hosted the world cup ever.

When was Czech Women's Cup created?

Czech Women's Cup was created in 2007.