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Rick Pitino has taken 3 different schools to the Final Four: Providence, Kentucky and Louisville.

The following coaches have taken 2 different schools to the Final Four:

Roy Williams (Kansas, North Carolina)

Lute Olson (Iowa, Arizona)

Jack Gardner (Kansas State, Utah)

Forddy Anderson (Bradley, Michigan State)

Larry Brown (UCLA, Kansas)

Eddie Sutton (Arkansas, Oklahoma State)

Gene Bartow (Memphis, UCLA)

John Calipari (Massachusetts, Memphis)

Hugh Durham (Florida State, Georgia)

Lou Henson (New Mexico State, Illinois)

Bob Huggins (Cincinnati, West Virginia)

Frank McGuire (St. John's, North Carolina)

Lee Rose (Charlotte, Purdue)

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Q: Coaches to lead two different teams to the final four?
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What coaches have lead two different teams to the Final Four?

Eddie Sutton--Kentucky and Oklahoma State

Have all final 4 teams ever been from same conference?

No. All final four teams have been from different conferences, but not all 4.

Who are the final four?

The "Final Four" are the four teams that win the regional championships in the NCAA basketball tournament, thus becoming the final four teams in the tournament.

Where do the four teams in the Final Four come from?

The four teams in the final four (in 2008) come from Memphis, California, North Carolina, and Kansas.

What are the final four of the March Madness?

The Final Four are the last standing teams of March Madness in either NBA or NCAA basketball. There are two final games involving the Final Four, two games involving two of the Final Four teams. The two teams that win each of the Final Four games move on to the National Championship, the final game of the season (for NCAA).

Which conference was first to have 3 teams in the final four?

The Big East had 3 teams in the Final Four in 1985: Georgetown, Villanova and St. John's.

In what sport might a team become one of th Final Four?

The Final Four is present in college basketball. The March madness tournament consists of 65 teams then gets down to 64 teams, then to 32 then to 16 then to 8 then to 4. Those last four teams are considered the final four and are in the semi finals for the title of national champion of college basketball for that year. This year the final four is going to be played in Detroit, and while march madness is going on, soon enough there will be only four teams left, known as the final four.

What boys Final four teams played in 1974?


How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

Who are final four teams 2011?

The teams left this year are Kentucky, Butler, Connecticut, and Virginia Commonwealth.

What player won the NCAA final four twice playing for two different teams?

Bob Bender was on the 1976 NCAA champs at Indiana and then with Duke in the 1978 final when they lost to Kentucky.

What teams are in the 2011 final four?

UK, UCONN, Butler, and VCU.