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(n) a specified time or period

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Q: Coach Parker made the rowdy team members sit on the bench for a stint?
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Why is there a state tooper in college football guarding the coach?

He is there to protect the coach. The fans can get pretty rowdy.

Harding's rowdy friends and cabinet members?

Ohio Gang

When was Rowdy Rowdy created?

Rowdy Rowdy was created in 1999.

Is rowdy a verb?

No, rowdy is an adjective.

What does rowdy mean?

Rowdy means rough and disorderly. The rowdy group at the meeting disrupted the proceedings.

How do you use rowdy in a sentence?

Rowdy means rough, acting up. Here are some sentences.His rowdy behavior got him into trouble.The crowd got rowdy when their team lost the game.She can be rowdy if she loses her temper.

What is a sentence using the word rowdy?

Rowdy means boisterous. The rowdy cowboys shot their pistols into the air. A rowdy crowd gathered outside the sold-out concert.

What is a good sentence for rowdy?

sometimes kids can be rowdy

How do you use the word rowdy in a sentence?

The cheerleaders were rowdy.

What is the opposite of rowdy?

The opposite of rowdy is calm or peaceful.

Can a sentence have the word rowdy in it?

Sure! "The rowdy crowd cheered loudly at the concert."

What is German for rowdy?

English: "the rowdy" is German "der Krawallmacher".