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Not until you get to high school. It is against the rules if you are younger than that to wear metal cleats. Even some high school level teams don't allow it. They are banned because if you step on someone when they are sliding, it hurts alot!

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No. It's illegal to wear metal cleats in girls softball.

16u and up can wear metal spikes and you can wear boys or girls.

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Q: Can you wear boys metal cleats for girls softball?
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Is there a difference between Softball baseball cleats?

Softball cleats are made in girls sizes and for girls feet. Baseball cleats are made in boys sizes and for boys feet. Other than that, there isn't much of a difference. Softball Players can wear Baseball cleats, and baseball can wear softball cleats. you would just need to look up a convesrion online. I wear a 7.5 in my womens softball cleats, but when i wear my mens baseball cleats im a size 6.

What is the difference between boys and girls softball?

In boys softball they use a bigger ball than the girls =)

Was softball started by boys or girls?

A man, George Whitney, invented softball in 1887.

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Is there a difference between men's softball bats and women's softball bats?

yes there is a difference because a major league baseball bat is wood and a girls are metal. also i minor leagues girls say softball and boys say baseball. once my friend was using a baseball bat and was hitting better. in softball you can not use a baseball bat! ---- never use a baseball bat in softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was softball founded?

So girls didn't have to play baseball with boys

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girls, i would know, i play softball 12 months round

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youth Soccer, softball, swimming

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Where can you get orange and black metal baseball cleats?

Where can you find boys orange baseball cleats?Read more: Where_can_you_find_boys_orange_baseball_cleats

Can boys and girls play on the same softball team?

They certainly can; it is not illegal. Be aware that, by nature, there will be a drastic size of female population paired against the minuscule percentage of males. Having said that... once you are out of high-school, you may find more teams looking for a certain gender (or both, in some cases)-- it will depend on the severity and official'ity of the particular group.