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Q: Can you run in boundary to catch a ball?
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How much run did a batsman gets if a fielder misses a catch and ball directly goes to boundary?

with out bouncing a six but if bouncing 4

If you catch the ball in cricket and fall over the boundary is the batsman still out?


When you run to catch a ball your movements are planned and controlled from the?

frontal lobes

What does the batter do if they hit a fly ball?

Run! You don't know if they are going to catch it or not.

What happens after you catch a home run?

You just got a MLB Game Played ball ... Sadly the ball is not worth anything unless the home run was notable ....

In cricket during the over through ball reached the boundary batsman runs three runs what will the judgment?

It's four if it reaches the boundary - even if the batsman has run.

Which player tried to catch a long fly ball had the ball hit him in the head and the ball went over the fence for a home run?

Jose Canseco

You got the two orbs now what do i do to catch Palkia?

Usea great ball to run.

In cricket how do the players score points?

Each run is one point. A ball reaching the boundary, but touching the ground on the way, scores four points. If the ball reaches past the boundary, without touching the ground, it scores six points.

If a player is not out at 98 and the team requires 1 run to win the batsman on 98 hit a boundary and before the ball reach the boundary they completed 1 run now the batsman scores a century or not?

Would be given a boundary and score added up. It would be considered Century for the batsman.

In cricket how many runs would you get if the ball is hit over the fence?

If the ball is hit over the boundary on the full, 6 runs are awarded to the batsman.

Can the batter run if his hit actually hits the pitcher?

As long as the pitcher doesn't catch the ball.