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Q: Can you make a bowl out of cardboard?
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How do you make a motte and bailey castle out of cardboard?

Motte1) You use a old bowl, and flip it around . you make "glue" by mixing flour and water together, then rip some pieces of newspaper then dip it in the "glue" then cover the bowl with the gluey newspaper. then do it again until you done it 6 or 7 times. After it drys cover with paint.

How do you make a fake field radio out of cardboard?

how can i make a radio made of cardboard

How do you make a simple piano model with cardboard and wood?

how to make a simple model piano out of cardboard

Materials for making cardboard egg crates?

I suggest the use of cardboard to make cardboard egg crates.

How do you make a airplain out of cardboard?

What is a cardboard poster of the Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl worth?

it depends if it is good or bad condition

Can you make a RC plane out of cardboard?

You could not make it with entirely cardboard, but you could use it for wings if you wanted to.

What are the locations of raw materials for cardboard?

Some cardboard and paper are recycled to make new cardboard, but the primary raw material for cardboard is wood (celulose).

How do you make a bin out of cardboard?

A bin can be made out of a cardboard box without doing anything at all to it. However, if the cardboard is in pieces, it can be glued together with wood glue to make a bin.

What crafts can children make from cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes can be used for gardening. You can give your cardboard boxes away on BoxGiver

How do you make a fake phone?

Make one out of cardboard

How do you make means of transport model?

we can make this with cardboard