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no you can not but you usually get away with it

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Q: Can you hit a persons calf with your stick in boys lacrosse?
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What sports do you use your calf in it?

Lacrosse you use your legs and upper body alot

Why is the calf called boy?

Same reason why a captain calls there boat a girl, or a person to call their car a girl its just the way we picture it animals are usually considered boys until the sex of the animal is known.

Is a horse a calf?

No. Baby horses are called foals. The boys are colts and girls are fillies. When they mature, the females are mares and the males are geldings or stallions.

What is the name of a buffalo's baby?

Calf. The same terms that apply to cattle generally apply to bison.

What is the singular possesive noun of calf?

The singular possessive noun of "calf" is "calf's."

What do you call a baby calf?

A baby calf is typically referred to as a "calf."

What is a stray calf called?

A stray calf is commonly referred to as a "lost calf" or a "wandered calf."

What is a buffalo's baby called?

A baby buffalo is called a calf.

What is the offspring of a cow called?

The offspring of a cow is referred to as a calf. A heifer calf is a female calf, a bull calf is an intact male calf, and a steer calf is a castrated male calf (castrated after birth).

Is a calf male or female?

Both. A calf is a general term for a young bovine, regardless of sex. A calf, thus, can be either male or female. A male calf is called a bull calf, and a female calf a heifer calf. If the bull calf has been castrated, he is then called a steer calf.

What is calf-knack?

A nonspecific calf injury. If your calf is knackered then you have calf-knack. It is a colloquialism from Britain.

What do you call a newborn cattle?

A newborn calf, a baby calf or just a calf.