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not the door but it can smash the window.but how do i know im 9 years old its on

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Q: Can the police kick your door in and beat you?
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What are four sentences for the word kick?

The police threatened to kick the door down.Don't kick your brother.I kick the ball so hard that it missed the goal.I will kick you out if you don't behave.

Can police kick in a motel room door?

Yes, provided they had a good reason to do so.

What can you do if your tenant rips up the three day notice you put on the door?

Kick him in the teeth then call the police.

Are there any wearable blankets that I can use about the house?

Yes.You can get a Snuggy,but we take no responsibility if the Fashion Police kick in your door.

Can the police kick down a door and search a home if there is no arrest warrant and no one is on parole or probation or wanted at all?

No NO NO they cannot.

When was Kick In the Door created?

Kick In the Door was created in 1997.

What is a door shaker?

Door Shaker (Canadian) A nickname used for Police Officers walking the beat who were responsible for the security of stores and property on his beat. One way to check the security of the premises was to grab the door handle and shake it... Thus "Doorshaker" became a Divisional or beat copper nickname.

What type of charge can you file on the police if they damage your door by trying to break in but the arrest warrant was not a felony?

An arrest warrant is an arrest warrant, they can kick your door down whether it's a misdemeanour or a felony.

When was Police Beat created?

Police Beat was created in 2005.

Do you have to open the door to police officers?

NO NO, but if they do have probable cause, they'll kick the door in. Probable cause does not always involve a piece of a warrant. If you lock the door, after they speak to you, you can be charged with obstructing and delaying, if they had probable cause.

Can your landlord kick you out if your door gets kicked in because someone called 911 because they needed medical help?

In most cases, a landlord could not kick you out for something the police did if it was a medical emergency. However, it will depend on the laws in your state.

How do you kick in a door in?

You can't.