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No, this situation would result in a balk as the pitcher cannot 'pretend' to pitch in an attempt to deceive a baserunner.

A fielder may hide the ball, like pretend to throw the ball back to the pitcher and then place the ball in his glove, in an attempt to get a runner to step off a base and tag him out ... this has been called the 'hidden ball trick'. But the pitcher may not step on the pitching rubber if the fielder is attempting this. The pitcher steps on the rubber when he is ready to pitch and he can't be ready to pitch if he is not in possession of the ball.

If a baserunner waits until the pitcher is on the pitching rubber to take a lead off, he will never fall prey to the 'hidden ball trick'.

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In Major League Baseball, all Pitchers are allowed to throw to their infielders in an attempt to get a runner out (also known as a pickoff attempt) and the infielder does not have to be standing on the base in order to get the runner out because it is not considered a forced play which means the fielder has to tag the runner out before he is able to either return to the base that he previously occupied or advances to the next base on a stolen base attempt.

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Q: Can the pitcher stand on the mound without the ball pretending to have the ball in an attempt to get a runner out?
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Is a runner out if a Pitcher makes an attempt on a ground ball and it hit a runner?

No it is not kickball.

In softball how does out by hesitation work?

If the pitcher is in the pitching circle and the runner doesn't commit either to advance or return the runner is out. So long as the pitcher doesn't make any attempt to throw the ball and get the runner out.

What happens if the pitcher drops the ball while in contact with the runner?

If the pitcher is in contact with the runner, the runner is safe if the pitcher drops the ball. If the pitcher is in contact with the rubber, it is a balk if he drops the ball.

What if pitcher hits batter?

The runner is safe, in order for the runner to be considered out the fielder would have to have the ball in his glove or hand and tag the runner. *edit: It depends on where the runner is when he is hit. If the runner is running a direct path to first and is within the 3ft baseline, the runner is safe. If however the runner takes a lane outside the 3ft path, in a deliberate attempt to block the catcher's throwing lane, the runner is out for Interference.

If a pitcher balks and nobody on base. What happens?

A balk only happens in a pickoff attempt when the pitcher goes into his/her windup and seems lik they are pitching,but then throws to the base. The runner then gets to take a base. Since a balk only happens on a pickoff attempt which means someone is on base you can not balk with no runners on base.

Who gets credit for an out when a bunted ball hits the batter?

If the runner is in foul territory when the ball hits him, it is a foul ball. If it is a 2 strike bunt attempt, then the pitcher is credited with a strikeout. If the runner is in fair territory the credit would then go to the pitcher, who was the last fielder to touch the ball. My question, then, would be is it an assist or a putout? That answer I do not know.

Runner steals third base and pitcher commits a balk at the same time is the runner awarded home plate?

No. The balk happens before the pitch, so the play is called dead and the runner is allowed to advance rather than attempt the steal. This happens some times, the pitcher will commit the balk because they see the runner make the break to steal, they don't get to make a throw to a base or to the plate because the umpires stop the play to call the balk.

Can a runner be legally clipped in high school football?

Yes. NFHS Rule 9-2-5c. A player shall not clip except to tackle a runner or player pretending to be a runner.

Pitcher fields ball on the 1st baseline runner runs into pitcher - pitcher throws ball to first is the runner safe or out?

The runner is probably out for interference by running into a fielder, if not, he is out if the throw to first beat the runner and the first baseman, or whom ever is covering first, had his foot on the bag when he received the ball.

When should a baserunner may run to the next base without being dismissed?

There are a few times a base runner may advance without fear of being put out. If the base runner is forced to the next base by a batter/runner being walked or hit by a pitch and for an illegal pitch being called on the pitcher.

Who is charged with the loss if the team loses in the 9 th inning?

Which ever pitcher is responsible for the runner who scores to lose the game. Say pitcher A gives up a double, and is then replaced by Pitcher B. If pitcher B gives up another double, and the runner on second scores, Pitcher A gets the loss, because he put the scoring runner on base.

If a pitcher faces home plate through what angle does he need to turn to face first base?

If the pitcher is not on the pitcher's plate, he can turn as far as he wants to look at the runner on first base. If the pitcher is on the pitcher's plate, and his shoulder turns more than 45 degrees toward first base (halfway between home and first), it is generally interpreted to be a pick-off attempt.