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yes but the ball has to hit the ground as a "fumble" and if he picks it up he can run but it usually doesnt work very well. Or, the Center can be an eligible

receiver of a forward pass if the officials are notified before the play has


In high school football the center may advance the ball only after it has touched a back. He must also turn toward the backfield with his torso. If the fumble is intentional it is illegal because a play designed to deceive the defense is illegal. A snapper who is on the end of the line and is numbered 1 through 49 0r 80 to 89 is eligible for a pass. There is no requirement for notification but you must be numbered correctly and be positioned correctly to be an eligible receiver. Interior linemen are not eligible period. The guy who snaps the ball to start the play is called a snapper. Center is a position on the interior line and he may or may not also be a snapper.

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Q: Can the center advance the football in high school?
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