Can puppy go in the garden?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If you want a dog tree! Hehe im just kidding! If you want to, go ahead.

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Q: Can puppy go in the garden?
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Do you have to have a big garden to have a puppy?

it matters will the puppy be big or small

Can 11 week puppy go in garden before his injections?

I was wondering that myself a couple of weeks ago, as i am soon getting a new puppy. After research and questioning my local vet, i found that it is fine for an 11 week old puppy to go in the garden before his injections. This is because your puppy will only be at harm before injections if there is an un-sterilysed dog around. Hope i helped!

How do you stop a puppy spoiling on the carpet?

Obtain a cage with your new puppy the cage will help make the puppy feel secure, will make a home there and will therefore not spoil. Feed puppy and then put back in cage after 30 mins take puppy out to back garden where it may spoil as it spoils say the words 'busy busy' return puppy to cage with treat. repeat this every day (puppy can obviously come out of cage at other times but be careful not to overtire) The puppy will adopt the habit that every time you take it to the garden and say 'busy busy' it will spoil and therefore never be undisciplined enough to spoil in the house or where it shouldn't. Useful if taking dog on a train, bus etc as you can be confident it won't want to go if you have already 'walked' it in the garden.

What are the release dates for Clifford's Puppy Days - 2003 Celebrating Spring Garden Delights 2-5?

Clifford's Puppy Days - 2003 Celebrating Spring Garden Delights 2-5 was released on: USA: 16 September 2005

How can I go on vacation when I have a young puppy?

1) Take the puppy with you 2) Kennel the puppy 3) Ask family to watch the puppy

How could you get a puppy?

you go to pet shop you see one you buy it,there you have a puppy

Is it dangerous for puppy when puppy go with adult dog?

yes it is becaues it has no milk to drink

What group does a puppy go with?

a mammal

What actors and actresses appeared in Puppy-Go-Round - 1996?

The cast of Puppy-Go-Round - 1996 includes: Silvia Pinal

Where do you get puppy training pads?

When I got my puppy the breeder gave puppy training pads to us. But I went to this puppy store, Pets Plus, and they had them there! You are supposed to put them near the door, like the back door, so they know they can go potty there. Also you can put them where they go potty to show that THAT is where they go potty.

Is there anything good in puppy mills?

No, there is not one good thing about puppy mills no dog OR puppy should have to go though that it is just plane sad.

Can your rabbit go on a lead in your garden?

you can if you think it is unsafe in your garden